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Year 7 Transition

The transition from primary to secondary school is an exciting one, full of challenges and experiences for both parent and child.

At Pittville School we work very hard to ensure that all students enjoy a successful transition. We understand that every child is different and we want to work closely with parents and carers so that students are ready for the challenges of secondary school. We want students to be able to enjoy new friendships, gain confidence and develop self-esteem and resilience so that they are able to embrace the new opportunities secondary school brings. We also want students to get used to their new routines and the way a secondary school is organised.

We work closely with the Year 6 teachers to ensure that we receive all the required information about our new students. Each year our transition lead Mr Kavanagh visits every Year 6 student who has a place at Pittville. Our SENDco, Mrs Bottell is also in regular contact with the Year 6 teachers so as to ensure each student has a smooth transition.

Towards the end of Summer Term there will be an opportunity for both students and parents to come into school, meet staff and become immersed in Pittville School life for two days.

Pupils joining us in the new academic year will be placed in a House group of around 180 pupils, and designated a tutor group with 20 other pupils from your year group.

On transition day, pupils can look forward to:

  • Investigating and exploring ideas and topics that interest and excite
  • Considering (and solving!) lots of “real life” situations, issues and problems
  • Working on your own and also in groups of all different sizes
  • Using computers, cameras and other technology

On top of all this, you’ll also be learning a new language!

If you have any queries regarding the transition process please contact: Mr D Kavanagh at the school on