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Eden Project 2018

Posted on 30-Oct-2018 to Latest News

Mr Litherland has asked us to summarise our visit to the Eden Project in Cornwall. It was an amazing experience, we got to explore one of the best places in England. When we got there we met the amazing team that were part of the Eden Project. We explored both the rainforest and the Mediterranean biome. We had guided worksheets to do with the biomes and we learnt a lot about the plants and the rainforest in detail.

Afterwards we went on the canopy walk and saw an over view of the rainforest biome at its best. We saw different birds, trees and plants that were high enough to touch. Also there was a cool room because the biome was so hot, but when you got out of the cool room it was even hotter! We could not believe how hot the rainforest must be.

For dinner they provided us with various options which were pasta with vegetables or fish pie. (There was a gluten free option) All the food was homemade and we had delicious puddings which such as scones or lemon drizzle cake.

When we went into the rainforest biome at night we were able to see the full effect of what it’s like living in a rainforest, the lights from the ground reflected on the biome glass and it looked like stars. You could hear the waterfall and the birds singing. We had lots of different teamwork activities to do like imagining the floor is lava, drawing leaves, being blindfolded, using the dowsing sticks to detect water and making tribe music for a celebration. We did all of the activities to become a member of the Eden Tribe.

The hostels were the perfect size (one double bed, a bunk bed and a bathroom). The beds were a decent size and really comfortable. In the morning we got on a train tractor that the Eden Project provided us with. We had breakfast after that in which there was a wide variety of things e.g. bacon/sausage sandwiches and pastries. After breakfast we got back on the tractor and went back on the coach to say goodbye to the team. We arrived later on at a beach where we had ice cream, waffles and more. When we were at the beach we played with the sand and took cool photos and had plenty of laughter with everybody.

Overall we had a fantastic opportunity and an amazing time to bond with people that we didn’t know well and to learn more about rainforests.

By Sophie-Louise and Faith (Year 8)


Eden Project 2018


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