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Enterprise Day 2018

Posted on 19-Dec-2018 to Latest News

On the 15th November Year 9 took part in a number of activities for enterprise day. We started the day off with a presentation from an entrepreneur called Lee Booth who spoke to us about his product called “Shobu”. We asked questions about how his business became successful and what he has learnt throughout this business journey in terms of mistakes that he has made. It was very interesting to learn that a business can be started at a kitchen table!

After the assembly we returned to our tutor rooms where we were set a creative/entrepreneurial/problem solving task - we had to make, design and then pitch our idea for a flip flop or slider in our classrooms. The target audience would be ‘Gandys Flip Flop’. This is a social enterprise selling flip flops around the world reinvesting a proportion of the profits into orphanages. Whilst we were making our shoes another entrepreneur called Nigel Davis came in to talk to us about his IT business which was really interesting, particularly as he bought his business later in life. He followed the apprenticeship route into IT and then went to college part time to achieve different ICT qualifications.

We continued making our product and pitched it to other students in our tutor. The tutor group then decided which was the best and this group had to pitch it to all Year 9s. At the end of the day we had a talk from another entrepreneur called Jenny Retourne who talked to us about her brand “Willowberry Skincare”. This was very different to the other entrepreneurs. It was interesting to hear how she became successful. Her career has seen her work with some of the very famous bloggers/vloggers.

It was a really fun day and we learned a lot, not only about starting a business but about how everyone has a different path and that it is important to work hard to achieve success.

Leila and Sienna


Enterprise Day 2018


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