Welcome to the Science Department

Science is the subject that pushes our society forward. From the development of new medical drugs,

the exploration of space, to the development of the latest technology, it is the foundation of

the world we live in.

Our highly qualified science teachers have a passion for the subject that we share with our pupils

every lesson. We do this during practical investigations, giving pupils both

the understanding of the world in which they live and

the analytical skills that will help them throughout their life.

At Pittville School our five year science curriculum is driven by three principles:​

Development of pupils into scientifically literate citizens. To enable pupils to understand the

world around them and the impact of scientific development upon this, leading

them to create their own views on global challenges, such as global warming and the spread of disease.​

Embedding an enjoyment of Science. Pupils will develop a sense of excitement and curiosity about

natural phenomena to inspire them into a future STEM career.​

Achievement of high quality qualifications. To empower pupils to obtain their best

possible Science GCSEs to give them the greatest opportunities for their further education and careers.​

How can parents support their child in Science?

Discuss the scientific concepts that your child has learnt in lessons that week.

Ensure your child completes the assessed homework to the best of their ability.

Help you child create flash cards of questions and answer and then test you child with these flash cards.

Ensure your child brings a scientific calculator to school.