Welcome to the Art Department

At Pittville we believe Art is a fundamental subject that inspires creativity, cultural understanding as well as personal expression. Our aim is to provide a fun, engaging, challenging and diverse Art & Design curriculum for students from Year 7 through to Year 11. We foster a love of learning by encouraging students to ask questions, be curious and to take risks when creating their artwork. The phrase ‘I can’t draw’ is discouraged, in Art, we celebrate everyone's outcomes. As a department we agree with artist Keith Haring that “Art is for everyone”. We aim to provide a safe and inclusive learning environment where students can feel inspired to express themselves.

In KS3 students learn about colour theory, the Elements of Art, the History of Art, Street Art, Surrealism and Portraiture to name a few key topics. In year seven and year eight we focus on giving all students a taste of key media and techniques such as observational drawing, painting, print making, clay and collage.

At KS4 students can specialise in Art, Craft & Design or Art Textiles. Students complete a short foundations project learning new advanced techniques and processes, followed by completing a sustained project alongside their Art teacher. By the end of year ten most students can respond to a brief independently thus preparing students for the demands of year 11. At the end of year 11 students complete a ten-hour practical exam independently.

We are very proud to have student's artwork on display in the department and around the school. We promote outstanding work regularly via our Art Department Instagram page. We have been very fortunate to be involved in a wide range of projects, such as working with Gloucestershire University, local artists as well getting involved in community projects. Our art students have created work for Gloucester hospital, Holocaust Remembrance Day and have even worked alongside a local street artist to create a piece celebrating Gustav Holst. To mark 30 years of Pittville school 100 students from years eight-ten worked alongside several local artists to produce a wonderful installation of 100 wire swifts which are on display in the school grounds. We are always keen to get involved in new exciting projects. Over recent years we have run school trips to London, Bristol and Barcelona.

How can parents support their child in Art?

Please talk to your child about the topics and artists they are learning about in Art.

Encourage students to spend at least one hour on their art homework at KS3.