Welcome to Textiles

Studying Textiles at Pittville, enables students to explore design processes, work with a

broad range of media and develop their understanding of the world around them. As part of the Art department,

we believe the skills developed within textiles are fundamental for our students. Creativity, cultural understanding and personal expression are at the heart of our teaching.

Our five year curriculum is designed with challenge and a love of learning at its core. We want students to ask questions about the designers and makers they are studying, their sources of inspiration and the materials and resources around them. Our specialist teaching room is equipped with a broad

range of specialist tools and encourage independence from our learners.

In Year 7 & 8, as part of the technology carousel students learn both hand and machine based sewing skills. They learn to create

a product from the design stage right up to a finished product, using a variety of different techniques and develop

their subject-specific language.

In Year 9, if students opt to take textiles, they will further develop their sewing skills and learn how

to create a sketchbook in a style reminiscent of those they will create at GCSE. At the end of the year, students

will use all of their samples to create a bucket hat.

At KS4 we offer Textiles design, which is an Art-based specification. Students begin the course by participating in a wide range of workshops, developing their familiarity with more specialist techniques and building their confidence on the sewing machine. These outcomes are creatively bound and a high quality presentation, along with personal expression, underpins all we do. Students are taught how to present work in both sketchbooks and on large design sheets. They will explore, in depth, a range of ideas, the work of artists and designers, and experiment freely with materials, all in response to a key theme or starting point. Students are encouraged to take an independent approach to personal outcomes with everything from wall hangings, to constructed clothing being produced. At each step, they are supported, guided and challenged by teaching staff.

At the end of Year 11, students will participate in a ten-hour practical exam which follows a preparatory period in which they will produce their own exploration to a theme before producing a final outcome.

Our textiles room is a testament to the work that students produce during their time at Pittville and we are very proud of the outcomes on display. We use social media to share and celebrate the work of our students, entering them for local and national competitions.

How can parents support their child in Textiles?

To support their child when studying textiles, we would like parents to regularly discuss the progress of students work and ask them about the processes and skills they are developing.

Students should be looking for inspiration at every opportunity and taking photographs. Working to develop Fashion illustration skills is highly encouraged to support the development of projects.