Welcome to Design & Technology

Currently the subject leader for the department is Mr Jones. Mr Jones is a new member of the department and teaches the Resistant Materials subject area. He is accompanied by Miss Harris the technician, and also oversees all the other subject areas at KS3.

Resistant Materials is a very popular subject at Pittville School and is striving to improve every year. The team we have together is new, and have a real passion for the subject practically but also developing their knowledge.

The current KS3 lessons are based on learning theory knowledge, designing and producing a practical outcome as part of a rotation system with all the other areas in DT.

Pupils will learn the basic hand tools skills along with more challenging machinery as the years progress while also using CAD (Computer aided design) to develop their software skills.

By the time students get to GCSE in year 10 they have a wide variety of skills to develop further. More equipment and machinery skills along with theory lessons will be used for a better understanding of the subject as a whole, making them ready for working life.

Thanks for reading and hope to meet you soon! 😊