Welcome to Food Preperation and Nutrition

In the Food and Nutrition Department you will find Miss Fry, Miss Kearns who both teach all year groups and our fabulous technician, Mrs Underwood.

Food is a really established and popular subject at Pittville. As a team we have a passion for the subject and the importance of learning about how to balance diets , food provenance - where our food comes from and develop basic cooking skills. At KS3 we learn to cook a variety of snacks that contain fruit or vegetables, we bake and experiment with cakes as well as cooking several affordable main meal dishes that can be repeated at home.

By the time students get to GCSE in year 10 they have a wide variety of skills to develop further. More technical skills and a good understanding of food science, food provenance, environmental issues and a range of commodities form a major part of the GCSE! We are very committed to ensuring all students get practical experience and for this reason we provide the ingredients for all practical work making it more manageable and affordable for busy households!