Welcome to the Science Department

Science covers a broad range of subjects in which we ask the questions "what happens?" and "why?".

We aim for our students to not just recite facts about scientific concepts but to become naturally enquiring and analytically critical. A 'hands-on' approach is adopted where possible and students are given the opportunity to use practical equipment from their arrival in Year 7. Lessons are taught in well-equipped laboratories which are provided for by our team of science technicians.

Students in Year 7 cover a range of topics in biology, chemistry and physics where practical skills are embedded within lesson sequences and (while are good fun,) are used to aid learning and reinforce concepts as they are taught. Students can expect to safely work with Bunsen burners, hazardous chemicals, electrical circuits and plenty of other apparatus in their first year at Pittville School. Aspects of working scientifically are included within every topic, looking at how different types of data are represented, interpreted and evaluated. Terms such as 'accuracy', 'validity' and 'precision' are introduced early in their science studies and repeated as they move up the school, preparing them to really think like scientists. In whatever career our students pursue when they leave us at Pittville School, these transferable skills will undoubtedly aid them in their problem-solving, prioritising, analysis, communication and teamwork. In our science department, we aim for every student to feel 'in their element'!