Welcome to the Spanish Department

Hola! ¡Bienvenidos! The Pittville School Spanish Department comprises 3 teachers who are passionate about the subject and keen to pass on our knowledge and a love of the Spanish language to the students we teach.

Spanish teachers: Miss E Allan, Mr R Scognamiglio, Mrs P Garcia-Toja

Why learn Spanish?

So, why learn Spanish? Spanish is a language of global importance. Only Mandarin Chinese has more native speakers and globally almost 500 million people speak the language. Nowadays it is the second most studied language and the second language in international communication. 28 countries spread over four continents have Spanish as their primary or secondary language.

It is becoming increasingly popular as companies develop and broaden their links with Spain and South America. The world of business management, marketing, tourism, banking, the Civil Service and telecommunications all provide opportunities for language graduates.

Department aims and vision

The department aims to equip students with language which they can make use of in Spanish speaking countries, and with the skills of language learning. We also aim to provide an insight into Spanish culture and traditions, providing a trip to Barcelona and trips in the UK when suitable.

Students begin Spanish in Year 7, during which they will learn the basics for communication in Spanish and additionally study cultural aspects of language. In Years 8 and 9 they continue to build on what they have learned in Year 7. Our numbers at GCSE are growing year on year and we hope you will add to them!