Remote Learning at Pittville School

At some point over the course of this year, our students may need to self-isolate at home due to Covid-19.

This could happen in three possible ways:

  • In the event of a national lockdown and school closes.
  • We may need to ask a larger year group of students to self-isolate.
  • You, or someone in your family, develop symptoms. In this case, you will be forced to self-isolate.

We will ensure appropriate remote learning is available for all scenarios. Should you require physical hard copies of remote learning please email your child's Head of House.

Our overarching principles for remote learning:

  • Curricular alignment: remote plans follow precisely the same sequence as face-to-face enactment of the curriculum.
  • High-quality resources that mirror those used in face-to-face teaching where applicable and appropriate, are easily accessible and break learning down into small steps (Some subjects may still set longer-term project type tasks where appropriate). This includes the use of videos and nationally produced resources such as the Oak Academy resources.
  • Feedback and assessment of learning should remain regular, in line with normal curriculum expectations where possible.

Our main platform for remote learning at Pittville School is Showmyhomework which is accessed via All homework is set using this facility and in the event of a partial or total shutdown, this is where students can access all their online learning. This includes:

  • Classwork including independent learning tasks, video lessons, research, worksheets or links posted to live lessons through TEAMS.
  • Homework assignments, spelling tests or quizzes to be completed or uploaded for marking.
  • Notifications of tests with associated revision materials.
  • Other flexible tasks such as flipped learning tasks, careers information, links to assemblies or pastoral sessions through TEAMS.

​​​​​​​A showmyhomework account is automatically generated for each student enrolled at the school. Please see the additional information on this page to find out how to access SMHW and how it works.

In addition, each student also has access to Microsoft Office 365. This is needed for them to access TEAMS and through this, any live lessons. Please see the additional information on this page to find out how to access 365 and TEAMS.

*Please note: Showmyhomework is the first point of call for all remote learning. Links to TEAMs will be posted on SMHW too. Students can also access TEAMS lessons directly through Office 365 - Please refer to our ‘How to Guides’ below.

Designated Senior Leader responsible for remote provision:

Mr David Eagleton (Deputy Headteacher)

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