Tier C

Students self-isolating

Remote learning is available for students who are self-isolating

Students who are self-isolating will follow a designated year group timetable.

All tasks will be set via students’ Show My Homework account.

Students will follow units of study produced by the Oak National Academy that follow the same intended curriculum aims as students in receipt of on-site provision.

We understand that home circumstances may vary. To ensure that all students receive appropriately challenging remote learning during their period of self isolation, additional work may be set following consultation with students and their parents/carers.

Work for Self-isolating students

If your child is absent from school while they are self-isolating, waiting for a Covid test or waiting for a family member to have a Covid test, we ask that you follow the following instructions.

  1. Contact the school as you normally would for absence. A message will then automatically be sent to Mr Lawton and he will notify subject teachers.
  2. Please do not contact subject teachers or other members of staff directly.
  3. After 24 hours of absence, check SMHW where work will have been set for your child. This work will vary but might be a PowerPoint presentation, a worksheet, a video or a revision task.
  4. If after 24 hours your child cannot find their work, please email achieve@pittville.gloucs.sch.uk

This procedure is only for students who are self-isolating. If your child is going to be absent for a few days (perhaps due to a cold) they will need to catch up with their teachers upon their return to school. If your child will be absent for a longer period of time (perhaps for a broken bone/operation) still contact your child’s Head of House as you normally would.