About Pittville School

Pittville School is a vibrant, forward looking and rapidly improving Foundation School in Cheltenham.

It is our belief that every young person has gifts, talents and abilities and it is our aim to recognise and unlock each child’s potential and therefore maximise their life chances. Pittville is a smaller than average secondary school with approximately 890 students. Our aim is to continue to improve and we will not compromise in pursuit of our goal to become an ‘Outstanding school’. We intend to continually develop in order to provide an excellent level of education, pastoral care and guidance for all our students.

Our priority is to work in partnership with parents and students to help them achieve the very best possible success. We firmly believe that each student should be challenged intellectually, creatively, personally and socially in preparation for their future life.

Message from the Head

Pittville is a rapidly improving school in Cheltenham where behaviour is excellent and where students of all abilities are well supported to achieve their full potential. Yes, we are a true comprehensive school, catering for the whole spectrum of ability, and I am proud of that. We are a forward-looking school and it is our aim to unlock every young person’s potential. We are a small school and we know our students well. Because of our size we are able to personalise the learning of students in a way that other, larger schools cannot. Here at Pittville, we believe that good relationships are at the heart of a well-organised, happy, calm and respectful school environment. We believe that all students, regardless of their ability or background, should be challenged and given the opportunities to achieve the best they can.

The form tutor plays a key role in supporting students and guiding them throughout their personal and academic development here. As a secondary school, we are not complacent - we continually look at how we can improve what we do so that we offer the very best provision to our students. We inspire innovative teaching in the classroom and create a ‘can do’ ethos where participation is the norm.

I can assure parents and carers that we will support your child’s development. We can do this most effectively if you work alongside us, in partnership with our school. Your child will only achieve the best they can with your help. Enough sleep and rest, good, regular meals (in particular breakfast) setting off in good time for school, and arriving correctly kitted out. These things may seem trivial but make our job as teachers so much more straightforward. We want to hear your thoughts, ideas and feedback on any aspect of life at Pittville School. We believe in getting the basics right and for our students that means regular attendance, excellent behaviour and great efforts in the classroom. It is also important that staff get the basics right in providing a learning experience that is of the highest standard and by insisting on the highest standards of effort, attendance and behaviour. Our priority remains to work in partnership with parents and students to help them achieve the best success possible.

One of the joys of living in the local community is meeting ex students and parents. This means hearing first hand about the student who has just gained a place at Oxford, graduated from Cambridge or from the parent who informed me that her son’s overall experience of Pittville, both in terms of his academic results and the pastoral support he received, was far better than her daughter’s experience at another educational establishment. This for me sums up what Pittville stands for and is what makes Pittville such a successful learning environment at the centre of its local community.

Whatever your reason for finding out more about our school we look forward to welcoming you to ‘team Pittville’ where every child really does matter.

If you wish to find out more about Pittville or have any queries or questions please do not hesitate to contact me directly.