Sport at Pittville

Sport at Pittville

At Pittville we absolutely believe that every student should have the opportunity to attend extra-curricular activities and represent the school. Our termly extra-curricular programmes extends across many activities every week, from Rugby to Dance, Hockey to Ski Fitness, there really is something for everyone.

In addition to the regular activities there is a thriving fixtures offering with students representing the school in a wide range of sports and competitions.

We do not have trials and write pupils off for 5 years - if pupils attend training regularly they will represent our school. Each half-term a timetable of clubs and fixtures will be produced. This is posted on the Noticeboard in the PE department and issued to all form tutors for highlighting and posting on form noticeboards. The timetable will also contain finish time (Pick Up) and, when at an off-site fixture, estimated time back at school. I also intend to post this on the school website each week so that parents can also check what’s happening and make pick up arrangements where necessary. Most clubs and training sessions will be the same day and time each week but fixtures will obviously vary. It is a good habit to check the timetable each week so that they are aware of what activities are taking place and also for any team fixtures that they are involved in. In most cases teams will also be posted (Fixtures Noticeboard in PE Department) by the Friday preceding the following weeks games!

We are also very proud of our young sports Leadership programme and we work in partnership with ‘Gloucestershire Move More’ to train our young leaders to  officiate and organise at Primary competitions in Football, Netball, Cricket and Athletics. We are very proud of them and they take those valuable skills with them for life.

SPORT & PE are Important and high profile areas at Pittville – come & join us!