Personal Development & Relationships, Sex and Health Education

Students at Pittville will be equipped with the knowledge to keep themselves physically safe and mentally healthy, and to have positive human connections, in order to be successful and live happy lives.

They will be offered age-appropriate teaching on the central themes of RSHE in order to ensure that they will grow up to be adults with excellent physical health, mental wellbeing, a positive online presence, financial security and safe and consensual sexual, platonic and familial relationships.

Values – at Pittville we are Respectful, Honest and Kind.

  • Respect – for staff and peers, as well as showing respect at home and in the community. We show respect by working hard in our lessons and not disrupting the learning of others. Respect includes keeping our school clean, showing good manners, showing pride in our work, and obeying uniform guidance.
  • Honesty – we are honest with ourselves and others about our feelings and needs. We prioritise our wellbeing and ask for help when we need it. We are honest with staff, own up to our mistakes, and apologies when necessary.
  • Kindness – to ourselves and others. Kindness is shown in our words and actions, in and out of school, as well as our online behaviour. Students and staff should hold kindness as their core value, this includes having good manners, following instructions when necessary, and helping others when we can.


  1. Good character – Core values of kindness, commitment and responsibility. Having beliefs and personal values. Improving leadership and followership. Taking pride in our work and school community.
  2. Good relationships – Being a great communicator, being tolerant and respectful towards others, building healthy relationships and developing an age appropriate understanding of consensual intimacy, being respectful, polite and kind.
  3. Good Health – developing healthy bodies, healthy minds, recognising and managing danger online and in person, learning first aid.
  4. A bright future – preparing for academic life beyond Pittville at Sixth Form, College, an apprenticeship or work, understanding the range of options available in the future, celebrating personal milestones, gaining knowledge of finance and budgeting, showing resilience.
  5. A connected community – Knowing the fundamental British values and having political awareness, volunteering and being a student voice, contributing to school-wide initiatives, being an advocate for social and environmental justice, celebrating community and national milestones, being responsible for my community inside and outside of school.
  6. An awakened mind – developing our study skills, mindfulness and wellbeing, learning about different beliefs and philosophies, being inclusive and tolerant.
  7. An enjoyment for life – sports training and competitions, learning beyond the classroom experiences, enrichment experiences and clubs.