Xiao Pan

Class of 2016

Xiao is a final year Law LLB student at Oxford Brookes University, an aspiring lawyer and a high achiever with an indestructible will to succeed. As her cover photo suggests, she believes everyone has the power to change the world.

From humble beginnings, Xiao immigrated to the UK from China 12 years ago. She did not speak a word of English but was determined to be as successful as one can be in society in order to help lift up others like her.

Xiao is an excellent multitasker; she has been balancing education and a part-time job (sometimes two, or more) since she turned 16.

Currently, Xiao is the President of the Oxford Brookes Chinese Students and Scholars Association. She has been CSSA UK’s part-time presenter since June 2020 and has been a key figure in raising awareness for students’ problems and providing solutions for the post COVID era.

A keen human rights activist, Xiao has channelled her passion for equality into her role as Recruitment Officer for the United Nations Association-Youth Platform, of which was recently recognised by the UNA-UK as UK’s official Youth Platform. She has also volunteered for the Junior Division for Lawyers Against Poverty at OBU since 2018, focusing on combatting the injustices present in our legal system to assist those in need. Xiao currently writes for Collective Conversationz, Oxford’s most diverse virtual magazine that was founded by a talented young Black woman. Collective Conversationz aims to engage in conversations that need to happen but isn’t commonly spoken about. In addition, Xiao recently acquired the role to write for @TheDYMProject, whose aim is to decolonise minds due to the indoctrination of inequality in our education system. She looks forward to great things ahead.

During Lockdown, Xiao started her Law dedicated Instagram page @xiaoslaw to share her journey to law with the world. She aspires to help those on a similar path and in some ways, if possible, to inspire those with similar backgrounds to achieve great things. She believes we aren’t always born into success, but we can forge our own path in the world with hard work and determination.

Xiao is proud to be a Campus Champion with Bright Network, Campus Ambassador for ICAEW, Oxford Brookes University and also their Brand Ambassador. In her spare time, she enjoys doing online courses to improve her knowledge, and to be a better citizen of the world.