Year 9 Options

It is always difficult to make decisions about which courses to follow at GCSE and often there are no right or wrong answers. However, the more informed you are, the easier the decision making process. The subject information will help you make the best decision for your future.

Things to consider are:

• The subjects you like. You will often be more successful at what you enjoy!

• Where you want to be in the future: which subjects will help you with Sixth Form, University or employment.

• Your studies and not your social life! Don’t study a subject just because your friends are doing so, or because you liked a teacher you had in a subject in the past —you need to think about the best thing for you in the future.

• Asking the questions which will help you to find out as much as you can about each course.

Please see Pathways Options letter and book in the announcements section.

Option process January 2022

There is course information on our Key Stage 4 Curriculum page about new subjects in Business, Health and Social care, Film Studies and Dance.

You will find presentations below about all option subjects.

Check our ‘Frequently Asked Questions‘, to help clarify what different qualifications mean and how many subjects you can choose and in what combination. If you have further questions, please speak to your tutor, your subject teachers or Mrs Pitt.

If you require a printed version of our Key Stage 4 options booklet, you can download a version here….

The digital Year 9 Options Reply Form has been sent to all Year 9 students on Edulink. The deadline for completing and submitting your options form is 31st January 2022. A printed copy of the option from should be handed to your form.

Art Option 2022

Business Studies Option 2022

Dance Option 2022

Design Technology Option 2022 (Must be currently studying)

Drama Option 2022

Film Studies Option 2022

Food Preparation and Nutrition Option 2022 (Must be currently studying)

French and Spanish Options 2022 (EBACC) (Must be currently studying)

Geography Option 2022 (EBACC)

Health And Social Care Option 2022 (BTEC)

History Option 2022 (EBACC)

ICT Option 2022 (Vocational) (Must be currently studying)

Music Option 2022 (Must be currently studying)

PE Option 2022 (GCSE/BTEC)

Religious Education Option 2022

Textiles Option 2022 (Must be currently studying)