Welcome to the Spanish Department

¡Hola! ¡Bienvenidos! The Pittville School Spanish Department comprises 3 teachers who are passionate about the subject and keen to pass on our knowledge and a love of the Spanish language to the students we teach.

Spanish teachers: Miss E Allan, Mrs F Pryce, Ms C Allen

Why learn Spanish?

So, why learn Spanish? It’s not all about ‘fiesta’ followed by ‘siesta’! Spanish is a language of global importance. Only Mandarin Chinese has more native speakers and globally almost 500 million people speak the language. Nowadays it is the second most studied language and the second language in international communication. 28 countries spread over four continents have Spanish as their primary or secondary language.

At Pittville we believe that Spanish should be accessible for all. We offer a broad curriculum for Spanish which is studied by all children in years 7 and 8. Pupils then have the opportunity to study Spanish in year 9 and then continue at GCSE.

At KS3 children learn conversational Spanish whereby they can talk about themselves and their lives and ask other people questions. We also believe strongly in getting the basics right, such as phonics, spelling and pronunciation. This lays the foundation for success in languages and understanding how they work. We also introduce the skills needed for GCSE languages at this early stage such as translation, reading comprehension and essay writing.

At KS4 Spanish is an optional subject that students may choose as a GCSE option. Students learn to develop their language skills in a variety of contexts and to communicate their ideas about a variety of topics such as lifestyle, leisure, holidays, home and the environment and education and work. Students’ develop skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing and are trained to understand and give opinions, recognise and use more accurately a wide range of vocabulary and structures, give full descriptions and accounts and cope with a greater deal of unpredictability. We follow the AQA exam course which is weighted 25% for each skill; writing, speaking, listening and reading.

KS4 Resources

For children at KS4 we offer AQA Spanish exam revision guides to purchase that can be bought through ParentPay.

We use ¡Viva! AQA GCSE text book in school

How can parents support their child in Spanish?

Please talk to your child about the Spanish they are learning at school and encourage them to sat aloud the new vocabulary they have learned or pronounce words to you.

Research shows that statements such as 'I was never any good at languages', 'I don't have a languages brain', etc have an immediate negative impact on the progress of learners. A positive attitude and ‘can do’ mentality will go a long way to helping your child flourish in Spanish.

For children at KS4 we offer AQA Spanish exam revision guides to purchase that can be bought through ParentPay.