Careers Lead: Miss K Foster -

At Pittville School our careers program is delivered throughout Years 7 to 11 through:

  • Our PSCHE program
  • Dedicated presentations to parents and students during school and after school
  • Post-16 Careers Evening
  • Assemblies
  • Guest speakers
  • Tutor sessions
  • One to one careers interviews
  • Work Experience
  • Workshops and competitions
  • Careers TEAMS


Early careers education begins by teaching children how to recognise their own skills and talents and how to set targets for themselves. They are introduced to some of the employment and qualification opportunities available to them in later life.


Year 8 pupils begin to look at the skills that will be valuable to them in employment and how to develop them as they progress through school. They look at their relationships and the network of people they have around to support them and extend their understanding of the range of employment opportunities available to them.


Year 9 pupils will choose their Keystage 4 courses during Year 9. This process starts at the end of the autumn term when students will hear about the options process and is completed at the start of the spring term. Parents are invited to an Options Evening and a Parents’ Evening so they have the opportunity to speak to teachers and careers advisors before helping students make their final choices.